Ryan Gingerich
Creative Tech Geek and Industrial Designer

Open to roles in challenging team oriented environments, where I can apply my experience in and knowledge of additive manufacturing and design to create better products. My ideal environment will also provide me with the opportunity to learn about new technologies and acquire new skills.

Full Bio

San Francisco State University
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design / Product Design and Development
Diablo Valley College
Associate of Science in Microsoft Windows Systems Administration
Professional Experience
Earlens Corporation
Mar 2017 - Present
Digital Manufacturing Designer

Digital Manufacturing Designer (August 2018 - present)
Modeling custom lenses and ear tips, and generating 3D printed assets for production of Earlens hearing aid systems. Also supporting 3D printing when needed. SLA/CLIP 3D print setup, 3D print post-processing, 3D printed part inspection, 3D scanning, 3D printer process monitoring, and new employee/intern training.

Assembler IV (January 2018 - August 2018)
Continuing work from previous roles in direct hire position; Responsible for supporting day-to-day activities in 3D Printing/Digital Manufacturing Lab, including 3D scanning, and other 3D printing activities (Build setup, process monitoring, post-processing, and printed part inspection)

Manufacturing Engineering Technician (August 2017 - January 2018)
Primarily focused on supporting production as well as various R&D projects. SLA/CLIP 3D print automation testing, production/R&D 3D print setup, 3D print post-processing, 3D printed part inspection, 3D scanning ear impressions, 3D printer process monitoring, 3D print/3D scan metrics, and new employee/intern training.

Assembler I (March 2017 - August 2017)
SLA/CLIP 3D print post-processing and 3D scanning. 3D printed part inspection, and passed parts down assembly line to CER or other destination.

Jan 2011 - Jan 2018
Chief Technician

Began as a contract based computer and electronics repairs / custom built PC services. PC hardware/software/network repairs, house/office calls, remote help desk support, webmaster of www.ccandr3d.com. Eventually moved into FDM and SLA 3D printing services in 2015. Please also see my 3D Hubs Profile for 3D printing service reviews and Yelp for more service reviews.

Feb 2016 - Sep 2017
3D Print Vendor

Preferred Vendor: Provided 3D printed parts on contract basis for orders submitted to Fictiv for fulfillment. Managed a growing shop of four (personally owned) FDM style 3D printers for producing various parts of all shapes and size.

Eric's Computers
Sep 2007 - Oct 2010
Lead Technician

PC hardware/software repairs, house calls, remote help desk support, appointment scheduling, invoicing, authored newsletter, and trained interns and new hires.

3D Printing Experience
4 years experience working with open-source FDM machines. Did plenty of building, repairing, and upgrading of hardware and software. Machines in use: Type A Machines Series 1, MTW Create, RostockMax V3.
1 year experience working with 3D Systems ProJet 6000 and Formlabs Form 2 3D printers at Earlens. Build setup, process monitoring, post-processing, etc.
1 year experience working with Carbon's M1 3D printer at Earlens. Build setup, post-processing, etc. Testing various resins for potential use in production.
Recently acquired a UNIZ SLASH desktop 3D printer and have been impressed with it so far.
Digital Modeling Experience
My current go-to 3D modeling software for most projects. I am most comfortable with Rhino's command driven interface and the ability to create complex surfaces.
Surface analyses for ProJet PM and for testing different print materials/methods at Earlens. Comparisons between 3D scan and physical object from production line.
Other Experience
Medical Device Experience
Earlens has so far given me over a year of experience with their cutting edge hearing-aid technology. MPs, MRs, EBRs, WOs, POs, RMAs, PMs, Line Clearance, etc are routine.
Computer hardware / software / networking
8+ years of professional experience building and repairing computer hardware systems. Software troubleshooting and repairs. Wired/wireless network setup and repairs.
Linux Server
After working with Linux on the onboard computers inside my open-source FDM 3D printers, I decided to build and configure my own personal server which is hosting this website and other useful services.
Extensive troubleshooting experience derived from years of computer repair work.