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Dry Erase Pinup Cap Attachment

Another spin on the pin-up dry erase cap idea, these pin-up attachments were designed specifically for Expo brand dry erase markers.

Stuff Press

After spending a few hours over a couple of days doing some rapid prototyping, I ended up with a simple design that packs a bunch of nice little features into a compact fidget toy.

Titan Aero Mount for TAM Series 1

After many years of use, abuse, repairs, upgrades, and the unfortunate closure of Type A Machines in 2018, it was finally time to ditch the old proprietary (and somewhat problematic) G2 extruder with a more modern and open-source tool.

3D Printed Art Deco Sconce

While watching some highly educational TV in my living room one day, I finally decided that it was time to try and do something about the sofa side table lights reflecting off the screen.

3D Printed Lamp Revisited

Some time back in 2017, I challenged myself to design a table lamp that could be 3D printed in such a way that no material would be wasted, and the lamp socket and wiring could just drop into place.

MTW Create Spool Holder

After owning a Maker’s Tool Works (MTW) Create 3D printer for a few years, I decided to take some time to design a more usable filament spool holder for it.

Misc 3D Prints

A photographic collection of objects that I 3D printed using my FDM and SLA 3D printers at home for various projects and for fun. Most of these prints were created using 3D models downloaded from the web (Thingiverse).

3D Ponics Shelf

Custom built shelving system using ceramic pot drip nozzles and lots of other 3D printed parts.


For “Fun-ctionality”

Early last year (2017) I felt the urge to create a design that would take advantage of the full print volume of one of my larger format FDM 3D printers.

Dry Erase Pinup Cap

I designed this for a You3Dit.com request. I referenced the cap design/dimensions from kielerrr’s Fast-Draw Cap Marker Holder on Thingiverse

Upgrades II

In an effort to improve cooling of prints and prevent curling/warping of parts, I also decided to design my own fan shroud

Custom Lampshade

I designed this lampshade for a You3Dit request which the customer was trying to duplicate the look of some existing lampshades, while changing the overall shape to this tall elongated version.

Upgrades I

In an effort to improve the usability of one of my FDM 3D printers, I decided it was time to implement an “automatic bed-leveling system.”To do so, I needed to design a custom bracket to mount a proximity sensor to the print-head carriage.

B3 Innovations Pico Extruder fan shrouds for Type A Machines Series 1

I wanted to improve my prints after upgrading the hotend on my Type A Machines Series 1

3D Printed Quadcopter Build

One of my first major projects that I decided to utilize my first 3D printer for was to build a Crossfire 2, which is a 3D printable quadcopter that I learned about from Make Magazine.

SSD Stackers

While working as a “Jack-of-all-IT,” I was building a high-end workstation for a client, but I was unable to fit all of the data drives they wanted into the computer case the system was being built into. My solution was to design a special bracket that I call the SSD Stacker

Brita Everyday Water Pitcher Spout Flap Replacement

This is a replacement flap that I slapped together for older Brita Everyday Water Pitchers (I think they removed the flap on newer models).

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