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Shrinkage II

Another client came to me wanting to duplicate an interestingly shaped lamp, but they wanted it to fit on a nightlight. They were unable to show the original lamp to me in person, so I had them take a bunch of photos for me to base the shrunken down design on. I also purchased one …

Shrinkage I

Another client came to me wanting to duplicate their boat design while shrinking it down to only 5 inches long. The most important detail for this client was the floral design on the outer wall. Again I was unable to see the actual boat or their small-scale model in person, so I had to work …

Dry Erase Pinup Cap

I designed this for a You3Dit.com request. I referenced the cap design/dimensions from kielerrr’s Fast-Draw Cap Marker Holder on Thingiverse, bought an EXPO dry erase maker to measure and test with, and created this cap that can be pinned to the wall, bulletin boards, pin boards, etc. NOTE: As @kielerrr mentioned in the comments section …


A client came to me wanting to duplicate a cap for the wheels on his show car. He originally wanted to have the piece scanned and printed, but scanning was not the best option due to the black color and glossiness of the original part. Instead I took some careful measurements of the original cap, …

Custom Lampshade

I designed this lampshade for a You3Dit request which the customer was trying to duplicate the look of some existing lampshades, while changing the overall shape to this tall elongated version.


A client of mine needed a “looks-like” prototype of a bicycle brake light designed and fabricated, but they wanted to make sure a smaller (already manufactured) LED light could be installed inside to simulate the brake light being activated. My solution was quite simple, and was comprised of a simple cup with an extruded cylinder …

Custom Computers

Photos of some of the computers I built while doing business as Custom Computers & Repairs

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