Electric Hand Dryer Lamp

One time electric hand dryer, converted into 40 second lamp. This is actually an assignment I had to turn in for a college project one┬ásemester (Spring 2013). The challenge was along the lines of creating a lamp that re-imagines an object as a lamp. Going into this project, I was unsure of what to do, so I took a trip over to Urban Ore in Berkeley, CA. I looked around for a while, and eventually came across this old public restroom style hand dryer, and I immediately knew what I was going to do. I cleaned it up as much as possible, removed the heater and blower motor, but kept the original button, timer, and power cord. From there I found a light bulb that fit perfectly inside the hood, and wired it into the original button and timer… and voila! See it in action in the video below (please excuse the portrait mode video).