SSD Stackers

Thingiverse thing #582781

While working as a “Jack-of-all-IT,” I was building a high-end workstation for a client, but I was unable to fit all of the data drives they wanted into the computer case the system was being built into. My solution was to design a special bracket that I call the SSD Stacker which allowed for two solid state drives to be mounted together and then mounted into the same space where only one drive would have fit before. This custom bracket (a.k.a. the Dual SSD Stacker) worked like a charm, and I have since made some highly functional changes to the design that allow for an infinite number of drives to be stacked (thanks to a member of the Thingiverse website community who goes by the screen name SapperSquid). The images below show wireframe views of my original Dual SSD Stacker (top left), a wireframe view of the infinitely stackable SSD Stacker (top right), and 3D printed prototypes of a 9 mm version of the SSD Stackers mounting 3 laptop sized hard drives together.