Ryan Gingerich
Versitile product design engineer with 7 years of custom medical device experience
Digital Design Experience
Rhino and Grasshopper

My go-to 3D design software for most projects. I am most comfortable with Rhino's command driven interface and the ability to create complex surfaces. Rhino has also been one of the primary design programs I use at Earlens. I have also worked in Grasshopper to build automations and update existing scripts.


I picked up Solidworks while taking a 3D solid modeling class at SFSU. While it has not been my primary design software, I am more than comfortable picking it back up from where I left off.


3D scan and 3D model mesh repair. Surface analyses for ProJet PM and for testing different print materials/methods at Earlens. Comparisons between 3D scan and physical object from production line.

3D Printing Experience

8+ years experience working with open-source FDM machines. Did plenty of building, repairing, and upgrading of hardware and software. Machines in use: Type A Machines Series 1, MTW Create, RostockMax V3.


3 years experience working with 3D Systems ProJet 6000 and Formlabs Form 2 3D printers at Earlens. Build setup, process monitoring, post-processing, etc.


3 years experience working with Carbon's M1 3D printer at Earlens. Build setup, post-processing, etc. Testing various resins for potential use in production. Additional experience with Asiga, Formlabs, and UNIZ printers.

Other Experience

For some mundane tasks that often resulted in human error I have been using Python to automate such tasks which in turn increases efficiency, accuracy, and even provides economic savings.

Computer hardware / software / networking

8+ years of professional experience building and repairing computer hardware systems. Software troubleshooting and repairs. Wired/wireless network setup and repairs.

Linux Server

After beginning to work with Linux on the onboard computers inside my open-source FDM 3D printers, I decided to build and configure my own personal server which is now hosting this website and other useful services.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

Extensive troubleshooting experience derived from years of computer repair work.

Medical Device Experience

Not only has Earlens so far given me over 5 years of experience designing their custom cutting edge hearing-aid devices, but Earlens has also exposed me to the ins-and-outs of working within a heavily regulated industry.

Tech geek and industrial designer eager to design for a better tomorrow. Quick to master new technologies and processes. A team player with over 9 years of additive manufacturing and 3D digital design experience, as well as more than 11 years of everything IT. Ready to support innovation by finding new and creative ways to solve problems.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design / Product Design and Development
San Francisco State University2014
Associate of Science in Microsoft Windows Systems Administration
Diablo Valley College2009
Relevant Coursework

Product design, industrial science, 3D solid modeling (CAD), rapid prototyping, model development, computer graphic imaging, technical drawing, rapid visualization, robotics in conceptual design.

Professional Experience
Manufacturing Development Engineer
Earlens CorporationMar 2017 - Present

Manufacturing Development Engineer (August 2022 - Present) Iterative prototype design with cross-functional groups. Development of design solutions addressing manufacturing challenges. Process automation, prototyping, and design using Rhino/Grasshopper, Python, JavaScript, and Symvol Code. Previous roles at Earlens developed deep knowledge of entire digital production process from 3D print post-processing, 3D print build setup, custom product design, to process and software updates/improvements. Implemented software and process updates (via version control and QA) leading to increased operator efficiency and drastically reducing chances of human error. Digital Design Team representative of team dedicated to resolving issues with challenging cases. Providing frequent problem solving of day-to-day production issues, as well as general team support. 

Lead Digital Manufacturing Designer (February 2022 - August 2022) Manage daily digital production schedule. Identify and address process deficiencies by developing and releasing various process automations into production (Python and Grasshopper). Work with direct and indirect teammates to improve existing software and documentation (and generate high quality new software/documentation). Provide in-depth training and feedback to new design team members. Assist in development of training and certification plan for new design team members. Communicate with cross-functional teams about challenging cases and provide design change recommendations based on accumulated product knowledge and experience.

Digital Manufacturing Designer II (February 2020 - February 2022) Contributed various software, process, and design improvements leading to increased digital production throughput efficiency. Provided feedback which guided new product releases and internal software development. Worked closely with R&D, Manufacturing, and Software engineers. Designed numerous custom products concurrently with high attention to detail, and generated 3D printed assets for production of Earlens hearing aid systems. Used creative and problem-solving skills to find solutions for fitting the product into more challenging anatomies. Supported digital manufacturing lab consisting of various SLA and CLIP 3D printers. Tested new 3D printing materials for various applications.

Other previous rolls held at Earlens include:

Digital Manufacturing Designer I (Aug 2018 - Feb 2020)

Assembler IV (Jan 2018 - Aug 2018)

Manufacturing Engineering Technician (Aug 2017 - Jan 2018)

Assembler I (Mar 2017 - Aug 2017)

Chief Technician
CC&R 3DJan 2011 - Jan 2018

PC hardware/software/network repairs, 3D design/scanning/printing, and self-hosted webmaster. Managed multiple computer repair and 3D printing jobs concurrently, while completing each job efficiently and on time. Regularly maintained, repaired, and upgraded open source desktop FDM 3D printers. Please also see my old Yelp page for some reviews of my services. Eventually retired these services in order to provide sharper focus to working with Earlens. 

3D Print Vendor
FictivFeb 2016 - Sep 2017

Preferred Vendor: Provided 3D printed parts on contract basis for orders submitted to Fictiv for fulfillment. Managed a growing shop of four (personally owned) FDM style 3D printers for producing various parts of all shapes and sizes. Fast response time to new job requests, and efficient order completion.

Lead Technician
Eric's ComputersSep 2007 - Oct 2010

PC hardware/software repairs, house calls, remote help desk support, appointment scheduling, invoicing, authored newsletter, and trained interns and new hires.

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