Just Went RGB Crazy

The gaming rig I built for myself last year just happened to come with a few fun RGB features, but I never really intended on building it out as a visual display of it’s own. After running this rig for about a year now, I finally decided to take the dive and threw just about as much RGB as I could fit into it without going too overboard budget-wise.

The original build really only included some basic RGB on the CPU block, an RGB fan on the CPU radiator, and an RGB strip built into the video card. Like I said, “fun,” right?

Not fun enough, you say? Well then, I decided to replace the CPU cooler with something more substantial (and prettier), replaced all of the fans with (and added one or two more) RGB fans, added an RGB heatsink to my one visible SSD, and finally replaced the stock heatsinks on my RAM with RGB heatsinks!

Instantly hooked, I moved right on over to my server which at the time did not really support RGB, but it did already have an RGB fan and RGB CPU block installed (just with RGB completely disabled).

Time to enable RGB and throw that RGB fan I took out of the gaming rig into the server!


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