Shrinkage I

Another client came to me wanting to duplicate their boat design while shrinking it down to only 5 inches long. The most important detail for this client was the floral design on the outer wall. Again I was unable to see the actual boat or their small-scale model in person, so I had to work from the images they provided to create a 5 inch long copy. After eyeballing the dimensions I came up with what looked like a relatively scaled model. My client was able to provide me with a vector drawing of the floral design, which I was then able to take into Rhino and edit it so that it would fit on this 5” long model. For the sake of making this model as easy to print as possible, my client decided to omit the chairs in the middle and the steering wheel. I also chose not to cut the floral design all the way through the outer wall, and instead debossed it into the side for the best possible results. The image below was provided by my client and is of a small scale model of the actual boat it was modeled after.

The above images show a wireframe view of my scaled down model of the boat design with the floral pattern on the outer wall

The finished 5” models which I 3D printed in white and my client painted them

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