B3 Innovations Pico Extruder fan shrouds for Type A Machines Series 1

I wanted to improve my prints after upgrading the hotend on my Type A Machines Series 1, so I took some elements from a couple other fan shrouds found on Thingiverse and customized them into fan shrouds that fit the B3 Innovations Pico Extruder as mounted in my Type A Machines 2014 Series 1 (G1).

Later I completely re-designing my fan shroud setup for the Type A Machines Series 1 (G1) with B3 Innovations Pico (v1) hotend upgrade. This is the latest version as of 4/14/16, and features many improvements over my first attempt! I printed this in ABS so that they could withstand the high hotend temperatures without melting away.

Below are photos of a few different iterations of my original Pico fan shrouds for the Series 1.

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