For “Fun-ctionality”

Early last year (2017) I felt the urge to create a design that would take advantage of the full print volume of one of my larger format FDM 3D printers. I decided to challenge myself with designing a fully 3D printable table lamp that would not require any support material to print, and could have the wiring, socket, and switch installed immediately after printing. After a few initial iterations, I printed a few working prototypes. Although the design seems more-or-less complete, in my spare time I still intend on tweaking the design further to allow for a pull-chain switch/socket to be installed, as well as testing some more aesthetically pleasing shades, and possibly more.

The images above show a wireframe view (left) of my initial 3D printable table lamp design, and my initial prototype complete with electronics installed (right).

Wireframe view of 3D printable table lamp iteration for testing pull-chain switch fit

3D printed prototype of pull-chain switch version of 3D printable table lamp

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