Just Went RGB Crazy

The gaming rig I built for myself last year just happened to come with a few fun RGB features, but I never really intended on building it out as a visual display of it’s own. After running this rig for about a year now, I finally decided to take the dive and threw just about as much RGB as I could fit into it without going too overboard budget-wise. Continue reading “Just Went RGB Crazy”

3D Printed Art Deco Sconce

While taking a little time off from work, I decided to do some for fun design, and ended up making this fun Art Deco style wall sconce. Check out the link for more details on my latest design

3D Printed Art Deco Sconce

While watching some highly educational TV in my living room one day, I finally decided that it was time to try and do something about the sofa side table lights reflecting off the screen.

Robotic Hand Prototype – College Project Throwback

While this project is far from new, I figured I would post it as a throwback to one of my first Arduino projects from back before I had access to 3D printers. I (mostly successfully) built a robotic, or animatronic, hand controlled by flex sensors on a glove and servo motors. Click the portfolio link below to read more.

Robotic Hand Prototype

Way back (in 2012) before I had access to any 3D printers, I was enrolled in a fun class at San Francisco State University called Electronics and Robotics in Conceptual Design. The class focused primarily on learning how to use an Arduino for the purpose of prototyping electronics projects.

3D Printed Lamp Revisited (Finally!)

I finally got around to revisiting my 3D printed table lamp design. This post details the re-design and fabrication. Check it out! Link to portfolio post below.

3D Printed Lamp Revisited

Some time back in 2017, I challenged myself to design a table lamp that could be 3D printed in such a way that no material would be wasted, and the lamp socket and wiring could just drop into place.

Color mixing FDM 3D print testing

I recently overhauled one of my old desktop FDM machines and modified it so that it could support the M3D QuadFusion print head which is capable of mixing up to four materials at a time. The attached video is a quick preview of what I have been able to get it to do so far…

Decorative Vase design by mistertech on Thingiverse

Review of UNIZ and their SLASH (UDP) 3D Printer

After spending some more time with this 3D printer, and UNIZ, I still have some mixed feelings which make recommending a SLASH difficult to do. There are definitely some pros to owning a UNIZ SLASH, but it is certainly not without its cons. Plagued by design flaws, poor design decisions, iffy customer support, underdeveloped “features,” and more… somehow the SLASH printers do still seem to work, when they work. Continue reading “Review of UNIZ and their SLASH (UDP) 3D Printer”

SLASH Pro initial test prints

I finally received a working UNIZ SLASH Pro (first one was a dud), and while the standard (non-UDP) print mode appears to be working as expected, I am a bit disappointed with the high speed printing mode also known as UDP (Uni-Directional Peel). I’m thinking of maybe doing a full on review of the machine later, but for now I’ll just say that for a 3D printer with so much potential, it really falls short in a lot of areas and leaves plenty to be desired. In the mean time, Continue reading “SLASH Pro initial test prints”